Fans aren’t happy with House of the Dragon ep1

Finally, the long-awaited “House of the Dragon” series was released, and despite all of the enthusiasm we’ve seen, it feels like the audience was kind of disappointed.

About House of the dragon:

House of the Dragon
HBO Max .. House of the Dragon

House of the dragon is an HBO tv series, based on the novel Fire & Blood by writer George Martin. It’s a Game of Thrones prequel, that takes place hundreds of years before the events of the original series.

The series tells how the “Targaryen” family, which runs the blood of the dragon in its veins.. Fell into a bitter and brutal civil war known as the dance of dragons.

Here are fun facts about House of the dragon!

The 1st episode summary (spoilers):

The first episode of House of the Dragon reveals that the King Viserys I Targaryen wants his daughter, Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen to be his successor, which is controversial.. Given that many people aren’t happy with the idea of ​​a woman on the throne. The King’s brother, Prince Damon, played by Matt Smith , is also in line for the throne, and Rainery’s stepmother, Aliscent Hightower, also wants to have her children. So, similar to “Game Of Thrones”. Everyone wants to sit in an uncomfortable pointy chair, and there’s a lot of plot about it but this time, they’re all Targaryens. It cannot be forgotten that madness runs in their blood, as was said in the books and the original presentation.

House of the Dragon

Some of the critics the show received:


“the biggest disappointment, although that’s too harsh of a word, is the lack of a Tyrion Lannister-like breakout character.. House of the Dragon is well cast, but there’s no one who immediately pops with as much charismatic gusto as, say, Pedro Pascal’s Oberyn Martell. Otherwise, House of the Dragon doesn’t break the wheel but it gets more right than wrong.. It may not match the highs of Game of Thrones. But with the way the show is structured, it’s doubtful that it will sink to the lows either.”

The New York Times:

“It is Game of Thrones as Masterpiece Theater.. That seriousness of purpose doesn’t translate into engaging drama, however. There’s a lot of sitting around tables and talking about the troubles of the kingdom, which would be fine in moderation. But the characters are flat, stamped out on Martin’s production line of medieval fantasy types. And when the show ventures into the field for battle or romance, the filmmaking feels rote as well, but without the overlay of zippy special effects that Game of Thrones offered.”

The BBC:

“From the outset, this is a darker, more solemn, more sophisticated piece – one that lacks the broad, accessible strokes of early Game of Thrones, or its vibrant, colourful characters. There is not a Joffrey to hate here, or a Tyrion to root for. These people are complex in ways that can often make them opaque and challenging, perhaps even unlikeable. But that doesn’t mean they’re not interesting.. It’s pure Games of Thrones – just not in the way you remember.”

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