The Patient a new upcoming tv series

The Patient tv series:

The Patient is an upcoming American psychological thriller limited series created by Joel Fields and Joe Weisberg for FX on Hulu, and the series consists of ten episodes.

Not only but also the idea definitely has a lot of potential. The same people who made The Americans, one of the best TV shows ever,have also created this show. We have Steve Carell, who is a really underappreciated dramatic performer, in addition to that, this really may be one of the best shows of the year, in my opinion.

Here is a summary about the show:

A patient held Therapist Alan Strauss as a prisoner, Sam Fortner, who reveals himself to be a serial killer. While Sam wants Alan to stop acting homicidally as part of their therapy, which is rare.

Alan needs to calm Sam’s agitated mind in order to prevent him from killing again, but Sam won’t talk about important subjects like his mother, Candace. Alone and in captivity, Alan digs into his history through memories of his former therapist, Charlie. And is overwhelmed by waves of his own buried problems, including the recent death of his wife, Beth, and the traumatic breakup with his devout son, Ezra.

Over the route of his imprisonment, alan uncovers no longer simplest how deep sam’s compulsion runs, however also how a great deal work he has to do to repair the rift in his own family. With time walking out, alan fights desperately to prevent sam earlier than alan becomes complicit in sam’s murders or worse – becomes a target himself.

The Patient
Therfore, The patien

Also the cast:


Release date:

Finally, the show will premiere on August 30, 2022.

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