“Naruto VS Isshiki” Boruto ep 217.. Next episode Theories!

Episode 217 Review:

“Decision” was one of the greatest Boruto’s episode at all, it had unexpectable fans positive feedback, which is good enough to assume that, it currently has 10/10 on IMdb (the first 24 hours)

Well, the episode was obviously about Naruto’s Baryon mode against Isshiki, which was something new that we haven’t expected or seen before.

Although Naruto’s Baryon mode has all of these unbelievable advantages, it also has some dangerous weaknesses. Some of them are that it uses pretty much all of his life force for a certain amount of time. (We have a whole article about Naruto’s Baryon mode, we’ve done it recently and you can check out from here):


Naruto managed to use his Baryon mode for about half of the episode which was one of the best Naruto’s fights ever. The advantage that came after his Baryon mode is that every hit Isshiki takes is cutting into his lifespan. Isshiki had about 20 hours to put a karma mark on Kawaki. But after the fight we can say that he has about 5 minutes or less to put the karma mark.

The episode ends with Kawaki came out of hiding because Isshiki threatened to end Naruto’s life.

The next episode is about:

“Boruto: Naruto Next Generations” Episode 218 will be showing what’s going to happen to Naruto after he loses his Baryon Mode during the fight against Isshiki

The official promo trailer of Episode 218 which called “Partner”, shows Isshiki telling Kawaki that he would lose his life but Kawaki thinks his life is worthless without Hokage. Although that, Kawaki seems to plan on using powerful ninjutsu against Isshiki.

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