“Squid Game” Why did this K-Drama series blow up?

“Squid Game” is a South Korean drama, which was premiered on Netflix platform on September 17th of the current year 2021, it caused an unexpected stir on social media, and it had some good feedback from most of watchers around the world! So, does this K-drama series deserves all of that huge feedback?


Well, the story is about hundreds of people who fail in their lives for various reasons, they also suffer major financial and debt crises.

And to get rid of their sufferings, they accept a strange man’s offer to be participated in children’s games and win a prize which worth about 45 billion South Korean won (About 38.5 million US dollars)

456 people accepted the offer and after that, they have been drugged into an unknown place they were locked inside, and at a time when they think that the game is just winning and losing they find themselves at a dangerous situation where lost means death.

Netflix ‘Squid Game’ poster with main characters | via Netflix

The games incorporate some popular children’s games from the 1970s and 1980s in Korea, such as the “squid game” from which the series took its name.

Each person who agreed to join the game had to sign a sheet of paper containing 3 items:

First item: The player is not allowed to stop playing.

Second item: A player who refuses to play will be eliminated (killed).

Third item: The games end if the majority agrees to that.

This third item made the players to withdraw easily after they didn’t feel alright about eliminated and killing players. but here is the plot, their withdrawal from the game wasn’t as wonderful as they thought it would be, because they also returned to their real life which was still full of debts, and no different from “death”, and therefore they all decided to return to the game in the hope of winning and paying off their debts.

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