5 Top Biggest Dragons In Westeros House Of The Dragon

There are now 17 or more dragons in House of the Dragon, which will display them all. 200 years have passed since Game of Thrones’ events, here are the 5 most biggest dragons in all of Westeros:

5- Vermithor

Vermithor was a huge bronze beast that lived to an old age and was mounted by Jaeharys Targaryen, who was arguably the greatest Targaryen King after Aegon. Vermithor, one of the most fearsome dragons in existence who had reached the age of over a hundred by the time of the Dance of Dragons, was able to melt rock and steel with his fire.

He was one of the largest and strongest dragons of its generation, only being surpassed by Vhagar and Balerion. Vermithor had a successful Dance of the Dragons campaign up until Seasmoke was able to inflict fatal wounds on it during their two-on-one encounter in the Second Battle of Tumbleton. Daemon sung to Vermithor in High Valyrian in House of the Dragon, Season 1, Episode 10, “The Black Queen.”

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4- Meraxes

Meraxes was one of the three dragons that Aegon used to slay the Seven Kingdoms. Meraxes was said to have silver scales and golden eyes. This dragon would have a distinguished military career if it were ridden by Aegon’s sister-wife Rhaenys Targaryen.

Aegon’s sister/wife Rhaenys rode the silver dragon into combat when the first Targaryens and their allies, the Velaryons (not featured in the Game of Thrones series), initially invaded Westeros. During one fight, both the dragon and Rhaenys were slaughtered. Meraxes may have been thought of as an even bigger dragon, as leelancer1 points out, “Meraxes was actually bigger than Vhagar but died much younger therefore Vhagar eventually became bigger.”

3- Vhagar

She-dragon Vhagar belonged to House Targaryen. During Aegon the Conqueror’s conquest, she was ridden by Queen Visenya Targaryen alongside Balerion and Meraxes, the mounts of their sister Rhaenys.

Vhagar was almost a god by the time of her final conflict; her demise in The Battle Above God’s Eye signaled the start of The Dance of the Dragons’ demise. As Redditor abellapa notes, “Balerion and Vhagar are also named after gods,” thus her name should sound intimidating.

2- The Cannibal

The Cannibal is a wild dragon that eats other dragons, but nothing is known about him and he has never been ridden. He could be between 100 and 200 years old because he is the oldest dragon on Dragonstone. He is a wild dragon, thus he is probably very large.

The Cannibal is an unknown wild dragon that devours other dragons; he has also never been ridden. Being the oldest dragon on Dragonstone, his age could range from 100 to 200. He must be very big because he is a wild dragon.

1- Balerion

Balerion, also referred to as “The Black Dread,” was the largest of the Targaryen dragons and one of the biggest dragons overall in fantasy literature, including Game of Thrones.

Aegon the Conqueror rode Balerion the Black Dread as his personal mount while conquering Westeros. Unquestionably the strongest dragon between Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon, Balerion was the biggest and most powerful dragon in history. However, Balerion’s victories over other dragons are comparatively underestimated.

Balerion, the lone Targaryen dragon to be born in the Freehold of Valyria, was a formidable opponent in his prime. During his campaign to unify Westeros under his rule, Aegon the Conqueror rode The Black Dread into battle, and his very presence caused vast armies and kings to submit.

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