‘House of the Dragon’ Season 1 Episode 5 Review

Only a few episodes of the truly iconic show House of the Dragon have yet to be released. Here is a brief summary of the fifth episode (which, of course, contains spoilers):

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In The Vale

In the Vale, Lady Rhea Royce is seen hunting at the start of the episode. She approaches Daemon after killing a few game birds and greets him as “husband!”. Despite Daemon’s best impression, it seems like bad luck is what comes next for her. She reaches for her bow and arrow and the horse rears up and falls back on her, most likely crushing a lot of stuff inside her. So he walks toward her with a large rock, and the camera cuts to Viserys and Rhaenyra on an ocean voyage.

The marriage proposal

When they arrive on land, Corlys informs the king of Lady Rhea’s passing, and Viserys formally suggests that Rhaenys and Laenor get married. Before approving, Laenor’s parents want the succession plan to have a few very specific details.

However, Viserys makes a concession, saying that her children with Laenor will use the last name Velaryon up until ascension before changing to Targaryen.Then Viserys resents the idea of the Targaryen name ending simply because Rhaenyra is female.

Laenor’s boyfriend, Joffrey, is excited about the arrangement because it means they can continue their relationship. He knows Rhaenyra already has someone else, which makes it even better for him.

Good-bye Otto

Alicent rushes outside in the rain to express her sadness to Otto upon his departure from King’s Landing. He tells her angrily that he believes she could have done more to save him. She responds that Otto’s removal was actually his fault because he pushed too hard for Aegon to be named successor. Then, after briefly calming down, he predicts that the king will pass away soon.

Going back to king’s landing

Ser Criston feels as though Rhaenyra’s future is being decided for her without consulting her, which makes him very upset on the boat ride home.

He wants her to board a ship with him so they can sail off into the unknown and be free. “In Essos, you could marry me. A marriage for love, not for the crown,” as he said while she refused saying: ”I am the crown”

The knight returns to the red keep and is summoned to the queen’s quarters soon after. The queen asks him about Rhaenyra’s tryst with Daemon, but because she is wordy and takes a long time to specify exactly what she wants to know, the knight thinks she is asking if he slept with the princess.

The wedding

A short while later, everyone gathers in King’s Landing for the wedding of Rhaenyra and Laenor. Viserys has recovered enough to sit next to Rhaenyra at the preliminary feast, where neither of them is excited to make small talk with Jason Lannister when he approaches to offer his congratulations. Alicent is conspicuously absent even as Corlys, Rhaeyns, and their families enter to great fanfare. And then Daemon struts into the hall.

Alicent also gets there late, and after she’s seated, Viserys continues his speech by extending an invitation to the guests for the wedding and the subsequent seven days of competitions and feasting.

As the party continues, several events occur. Based only on the knight’s sad expression as he watches the princess from the edge of the room, Joffrey figures out that Ser Criston is Rhaeynra’s lover. Joffrey then makes sure Criston knows that he knows about their relationship, threatening to tell everyone if either of them tells anyone else.

When Daemon finally manages to get Rhaenyra alone on the dance floor, Ser Criston and Joffrey suddenly start fighting, which results in the latter being killed and missing his face due to the knight’s enraged fists. While Laena enters the crowd, Laenor enters a different area of the conflict. When Viserys begins profusely bleeding from his nose and begins to sway, his inability to locate Rhaenyra quickly falls to the wayside. But eventually, everything calms down while Laenor sees Joffrey dead on the floor.

That evening, only the immediate families of Rhaenyra and Laenor were present for the wedding. As soon as the vows were over, Viserys collapsed to the floor, unconscious. Ser Criston was getting ready to kill himself outside in the Godswood when Alicent intervened.

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