Is the “Flash” actor really accused of burglary?

Is the “Flash” actor really accused of burglary?

The police charged actor Ezra Miller with burglary in Stamford, Vermont, the latest in a string of alleged incidents involving the Flash star.

In a police report published Monday, Vermont State Police responded to a burglary complaint in Stamford on May 1. Several bottles of alcohol were taken from a residence while the homeowners were not around. After they reviewed surveillance footage and interviewed witnesses. They located and charged Miller shortly before midnight Sunday.

The report said Miller got a warrant to appear in Vermont Supreme Court on September 26.

The felony charge adds to Ezra’s growing legal troubles and reports of erratic behavior. The police have arrested the 29-year-old actor twice earlier this year in Hawaii. First for disorderly conduct and harassment at a karaoke bar in March, then second-degree assault less than a month later.

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Ezra Miller: US actor arrested over assault in Hawaii

Is the “Flash” actor really accused of burglary? as well as other misconduct?

The Hawaii police have arrested the American actor, Ezra Miller. Best known for his role as Credence Barebone in the movie Fantastic Beasts in the Grindelwald crime series. In addition to the Harry Potter series.

And the Guardian newspaper reported, today, Wednesday, that the police charged Miller with assault and disorderly conduct. After the 29-year-old star left his apartment, to lose his nerve and throw a chair that hit a woman in the forehead.

And police opened an investigation with Miller, early in the morning, before releasing him. In the second arrest of the star, and reported that the 26-year-old woman received treatment for a wound, that reached almost half an inch on her forehead.

Is the "Flash" actor really accused of burglary?
The Flash Star Ezra Miller Reportedly Arrested(Photo Credit: wikimedia)

Kevin Smith about Miller:

Miller was finally located on August 7 and will appear in court on September 26 to be charged with burglary. He did also throw a chair at a woman and some other misconduct before.

Miller drew global attention when he suddenly deleted his Instagram account and went into hiding. Warner Bros. has remained Discovery has been largely silent amid growing speculation that The Flash may be in trouble due to Miller’s legal problems. Director Kevin Smith was among those who criticized WB for canceling Batgirl while apparently allowing The Flash to move forward.

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