Is the Flash movie being cancelled guaranteed?

Recently, some rumors say that “Flash movie being cancelled”. Which perhaps is due to the many delays since the pandemic. So, What is the credibility of these statements?

According to some close sources, the film received well, and Warner Bros has high hopes for the movie.

Ezra Miller played the “Flash” character, and although it is his movie and his starring.. He can be a reason for a negative impact on watching the movie.

Flash movie being cancelled
Ezra Miller Flash

And according to “variety”, he doesn’t seem staying out of trouble in recent months, as the police arrested him multiple times for harassment and disorderly conduct as well as a traffic violation. Around the same time, two Hawaiians filed a temporary restraining order against Miller. And After he broke into the couple’s bedroom and tried to steal their passports and wallets.

These events have raised eyebrows and speculation about Warner Brothers’ plans for the great movie, which is The Flash’s first movie.

It seems unlikely that Ezra Miller will change his behavior. And some news has emerged recently that he committed a burglary.

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Flash movie being cancelled

June 23, 2023 is the new released date. Many fans suspected due to Miller’s unruly and dangerous behavior..

The company will delay the film indefinitely, but it seems like Warner Bros. Discovery has other plans.

Personally, I don’t think that the company is stupid enough to cancel the movie just because of the actor’s behavior.

“The Flash” movie would cost a lot of money to cancel the project entirely.

It would probably not generate the revenue needed to turn a profit without being shown in cinemas. Miller would need to be on his best behavior, which is a slim possibility which has left his collaborators concerned about his acting behavior.

A fun fact about Ezra Miller

  • Ezra calls himself Jewish as well as the spiritual
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