Richard Roat who appeared in “Friends” has died

According to an obituary written by his family and published in the Los Angeles Times, Richard Roat, an actor with a long list of credentials. who appeared in dozens of classic television episode/ from the early 1960s to the mid-2000s, passed away earlier this month. He was 89.

Roat was well-known for his recurring part as Dr. Jerry Chandler on the daytime serial series “The Doctors.” After finishing that production, he continued to work steadily as a character actor. earning credits on shows from “Columbo” and “Hawaii Five-O” in the 1970s through “Cold Case” and “24” in the mid-2000s. He also appeared in episodes of beloved sitcoms like “Friends” as Ross’s colleague.

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Richard Roat biography according to IMDb:

“On Friday, August 5, the Lakers and Angels lost their biggest fan. Richard Roat, the most supportive friend a person in the entertainment industry could ever have. Passed away suddenly. Richard had amassed over 135 acting roles on television, film, and on Broadway. He guest starred on “The Golden Girls” twice, the first as a Murder Mystery Host and later playing Betty White’s boyfriend, only to be found dead in her bed the next morning.

He appeared in “Friends,” “Seinfeld,” “Hill Street Blues,” and just about every TV show going back to “Car 54 Where Are You?” Richard performed on Broadway. (Sunday in New York, Any Wednesday, The Wall,) at The Public Theatre in Central Park (Julius Caesar,) The Huntington Hartford Theatre in Los Angeles, (Boys in the Band) and the Pasadena Playhouse (Moon Over Buffalo.) In addition to his distinguished career as an actor. Richard had a successful practice as an entertainment tax preparer for over 50 years.

As an individual, Richard was a true Renaissance Man. He loved music, playing the violin, the theatre, movies, literature, provocative conversation, and a good whiskey. Richard loved sports and would have been ecstatic that the Angels won on the Friday night he passed. He had a gorgeous smile, a naughty twinkle in his eyes, and loved to badinage with everyone.”

Rest In Peace Richard

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