“Naruto Baryon mode” the greatest end.

(This my contain some spoilers)

Isshiki has proven to be a tough opponent for all of our heroes. It seems Sasuke and Boruto stand no chance against his monstrous powers. However, Naruto took out his last weapon, and everything seemed to rest on him.
This Naruto New From is excessively strong to the point that in the event that he utilizes it, it probably will kill him.

What is Baryon mode? How is it different from previous Naruto modes?

What is Baryon mode?

Baryon Mode is a fusion of Naruto and Kurama’s chakra to create new energy capable of eating away at Isshiki’s lifespan. The price of using the transformation was Kurama’s life since all of his chakra was used up instead of Naruto’s.

How is it different from previous Naruto modes?

Unlike the normal Kurama mode or Six Paths Sage mode, which involves the use of chakra from somewhere else, Baryon Mode consumes the Kurama and Naruto chakras and their lives as raw materials.
Their chakra cannot be replenished, and transformation continues to feed on their chakra until they run out of life.

Baryon Mode requires intense focus to maintain. Transformation leaves no room for unnecessary thoughts or movements because it uses up the chakra at a much faster rate.
Baryon mode is activated when Kurama claps his palms together, followed by a flowing smoke, which changes Naruto’s appearance. This technique fades once Naruto or Kurama’s chakra is completely consumed.

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