5 Best Horror Nights Movies to Watch on Halloween!

Halloween Ends:

At the moment of writing the article, Halloween Ends is released yet. However, it is set on October 14, 2022.

Halloween Ends

Laurie Strode is residing with her granddaughter and working on the last chapters of her autobiography four years after her final encounter with the mask-wearing killer Michael Myers. Since Myers hasn’t been seen, Laurie makes the decision to let go of her anger and fear and embrace life. But when a teenager is charged with killing a youngster he was watching, it sparks a wave of violence and fear that pushes Laurie to face the evil she can’t stop.


Halloween movies


Tori Breyer finally gets to be a mother after a long battle with infertility thanks to the birth of a strange newborn boy. Brandon seems to be everything Tori and her husband, Kyle, could have ever wished for: intelligent, talented, and worldly-curious. However, as Brandon approaches puberty, a dreadful darkness appears within him, and Tori starts to have serious reservations about her son. Those closest to Brandon are put in terrible jeopardy after he starts acting on his depraved inclinations.

A Quiet Place:

Halloween movies
A Quiet Place


They seek you out if they hear you. A family must maintain stillness in order to be safe from enigmatic monsters that hunt by sound. Evelyn and Lee are determined to find a means to safeguard their children while anxiously looking for a way to fight back because they are aware that even the smallest whisper or footstep can result in death.

Halloween Kills:

Halloween Kills


Unstoppable killer Michael Myers escapes Laurie Strode’s trap to carry out his ritualistic carnage, so the nightmare is far from finished. When Laurie is hurt and sent to the hospital, she meets Tommy Doyle, the young kid she was watching the night Michael started his reign of terror. Tommy is the leader of a vengeful mob of vigilantes that rise up against Myers and exterminate the evil as Laurie fights through the anguish.

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark:

Halloween movies
Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark


For many years, the small village of Mill Valley has lived in the shadow of the Bellows family. Young Sarah Bellows writes a series of spooky tales about her torturous life and terrible secrets in a mansion. When a bunch of unaware teenagers stumble onto Sarah’s eerie home, these scary tales quickly have a way of becoming all too true.


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