Everything you need to know about joker 2 now!

Based on the original story of Dc Comics clown Arthur Fleck. Joker is set in the 1980s and focuses on a failed stand-up comedian who goes crazy and turns into a psychopathic killer. Here is everything you need to know about joker 2 now!

The American filmmaker revealed the name of the second part of the movie “Joker”. Joaquin Phoenix will play the hero, as for the first part of the work.

And Phillips, through his account on “Instagram”, published a picture of the scenario of the second part, which was co-written by author Scott Sepfer. The director also published another picture of the artist, Joaquin Phoenix, while he was browsing the script of the film.

The second part of “Joker” under the name: “Joker: Folie à Deux”.

The budget of the first part of Joker was about 55 million dollars, and Warner Bros produced the work. It surpassed the revenues of the movie “Deadpool”. And which earned 783 million dollars, and was on the top of the adult films only.

After Joaquin Phoenix won an Oscar for leading “Joker”, the actor’s salary has increased five-times fold. Per a Variety report, Phoenix earned $4.5 million for the first 2019 film. Its sequel lands Phoenix at least a $20 million paycheck, Oscar statue in tow.

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More details you need to know about joker 2

Variety also reported that Lady Gaga will be making $10 million, half of Phoenix’s salary, for her co-lead role as Harley Queen. The sequel is estimated to cost approximately $150 million to produce.

There’s a chance Beetz could return as Sophie, as the movie’s cinematographer confirmed that despite her ambiguous fate, Fleck didn’t kill her. The infamous deaths of Thomas and Martha Wayne seemingly count Brett Cullen out as Thomas Wayne, but remember the notion that he’s Arthur’s father.

Looking at more likely inclusions, Douglas Hodge could also reprise his role as Alfred Pennyworth. While Dante Pereira-Olsen’s young Bruce Wayne makes sense if Folie à Deux wants to explore the origins of Batman and Mr. J’s toxic relationship.

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