10 Best Underrated Netflix TV Series That Are Worth Your Time!

There are so many great TV series on Netflix that it can be hard to keep up with them all. Here are 10 of the best underrated Netflix TV series that you may have missed.

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The Umbrella Academy


Inexplicably, forty-three infants are born on the same day in October 1989 to unrelated, unrelated mothers who did not exhibit any pregnancy-related symptoms the day before. A rich businessman named Sir Reginald Hargreeves adopts seven of them and establishes The Umbrella Academy to train his “children” to save the world.

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The 100


In order to repopulate the planet 97 years after a nuclear war decimated society, the spaceship carrying the last human survivors sends 100 juvenile offenders back to it. The show takes place 97 years after a cataclysmic nuclear conflict that virtually eliminated all life on Earth.

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Kiera Cameron, an ordinary police officer from 65 years in the future who gets stuck in the present-day Vancouver, is the main character of the one-hour police drama ontinuum. Eight of the most ruthless criminals from the future, known as Liber8, are on the loose in the city, and she is alone herself and a foreigner in a strange place.

The Magicians


In order to learn magic, Quentin Coldwater enrolls at Brakebills University for Magical Pedagogy. There, he learns that the magical world from his beloved book as a child is real and that it is dangerous for humanity.



In the wake of a child’s disappearance, the story follows residents from the fictional German community of Winden as they look for the truth. In order to uncover a sinister multigenerational time travel plot, they trace ties between four separated families.

The OA 


The story centers on adoptive teenager Prairie Johnson, who turns up again after going missing for seven years. Prairie, who was blind when she vanished, now refers to herself as “the OA” (for “original angel”), has scars on her back, and can see.

The Sinner


Anthology series that explores the methods and motivations used by common criminals. The Sinner centers on a young mother who, in the midst of an irrational wrath, performs a shocking act of violence but, to her dismay, is unable to explain why.



Executive produced by Charlize Theron, Hyperdrive is a 2019 Netflix original documentary non-scripted auto racing reality television series. The show follows top racers from around the world as they compete against one another on the biggest auto track currently in use.

The Keepers


Sister Cathy Cesnik, a teacher at Baltimore’s Archbishop Keough High School who was killed in 1969, is the subject of the unsolved murder described in The Keepers. Two of her former students are now, 50 years later, determined to learn what happened and seek justice for their cherished teacher.



The notorious felon Frank Griffin is on a mission to exact revenge on Roy Goode, a former protege who betrayed the brotherhood, along with his band of outlaws. Roy, who is on the lam, finds refuge in the remote mining community of La Belle, New Mexico, where he cohabitates with Alice Fletcher, an outcast and a hardened widow.

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